Friday, June 23, 2006

Vintage Linens

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While everyone was at VBS this morning I decided to take a trip to my favorite antique store. On the way there I saw an "Estate Sale" sign and pulled over. This house was vintage linens galore! I could have filled up 10 clotheslines with all the things there! I picked out my favorites, along with a pair of sweet gloves and 8 gold teaspoons. I was so excited about my finds I came straight home and got everything soaking in the kitchen sink. There are a few stains, but for the most part the pieces are in good shape.

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Oh, I wanted to share a picture of my strawberry planter. I planted an assortment of annuals a few months ago and they have been loving the sun lately!

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Mindy said...

Kelli, What great treasures you found today!!! Love the vintage linens too!

Mommaroo2 said...

wow, those are really nice. I've just gotten into vintage linens, and I've only come across them at the thrift store, and none are as nice as those. Do you mind if I ask about how much each cost? I don't know how much they go for, so if I ever find an estate sale around here, I'd like to know. Great finds!


Susan P. said...

Kelli, I am new to your blog and have so enjoyed reading your posts. I am a Mom to young adults but I was so inspired by your post on the nature drawings awhile back that I have decided to do it for myself! The vintage linens are simply gorgeous. What a great find!
Blessings to you.

Kelli said...

Thanks Mindy! :0)

mommaroo2, Ack! I was hoping no one would ask how much I payed in case I got ripped off! LOL I'm not sure individual prices, the lady added everything up so quickly and then took some off since I got so many things. All the linens, along with the gloves and spoons came to $25.00. I sure hope this is the "going rate" for vintage linens!!

Susan, I'm so glad to hear about your nature journal! isn't it fun?!

Amanda said...

Great find! I love the teaspoons!

Btw, wanna come help me clean and organise my house? *G*

Sandra said...

LOVE vintage stuff, I would have gone nuts at the "estate sale" LOL

I think you got everything for a good price, I would have happily paid the $25 too :)

Mommaroo2 said...

If it was everything you showed pictures of, it sounds like a great price to me. The thrift store nearby keeps raising their prices, they range from 1.00-5.00, sometimes more if they're nicer or part of a set. I think that's pretty expensive for a thrift store. Sounds more like antique store prices. So your prices sound good.

I just went to an estate sale today, but I think I overpaid. The prices were similar to the thrift store, and some of the pieces were slightly damaged. But I live in a small town, and I rarely see an estate sale, and there's only the one thrift store here, so they have a corner on the market.

Kelli said...

I'm glad to hear I didn't get ripped off then! Mommaroo2, I hope you found some nice things at the estate sale.