Monday, October 16, 2006

We Have A Winner!!

Hello everyone!! I wrote all your names on pink slips of paper, folded them up and put them in a bowl. Grace was kind enough to assist me. :0)

Here she is giving them a good stir...

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She has one picked out...

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The winner is....

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Dawn from4:53am

Congratulations Dawn!!!! As soon as I have your address and I will send the prizes right out to you!!

A big thank you to everyone who shared their favorite things about fall and left me such sweet comments. I really appreciate them!! I think I spent the whole weekend either smiling or blushing. Sometimes both! ;0)

Below, are little notes to all who left me a comment.

~Denial Renae, mmm....I love caramel apples too!

~Kelly in SC, thank you! Our fireplace is mostly for decoration too but it sure is a pretty one! :0)

~Lynn, thank you! Yellow mums and pumpkins are perfect together!

~Sandra, I love getting out my favorite fall sweaters too!

~Maria, thank you! I agree with you, fall has the prettiest colors!!

~Mindy, thank you! I love all of your fall favorites! We have a basket of pinecones we’ve collected from our neighborhood. :0)

~Patty, thank you! I just love your fall quote! So true!

~Mrs. Cathie, I agree, nothing is better than soup on a cold night! It is so comforting.

~Barbara, thank you! cider and donuts are a perfect fall treat!

~Dawn, thank you! I am patiently waiting for the changing colors! The trees usually start in November.

~Martha, thank you for stopping by! I love apple cider. :0)

~Kristen, thank you! I love the crisp feeling in the morning too! I like to step out on my back patio as soon as I get up!

~Felice, thank you! Your kitchen sounds like such a cozy place to be!

~Copper’s wife, there is nothing better than the smell of a woodstove! I hope it cools down again soon.

~Kimberly, we *do* have alot in commom!! I would love to share a cup of tea with you! Your porch sounds lovely.

~Dot, I am so thankful that it finally cooled down here in Texas!

~Mrs. Garcia, I agree, fall is a great time to slow down and spend time with family. I can’t believe that Thanksgiving will be here next month!

~Susan, thank you! Your list of fall favorites is great! I love your idea of “cozying in for the winter!”

~Heather, thank you! I hope your nose is feeling better!! Your ending to a perfect fall day sounds so nice!! I put flannel sheets on Grace and Emily’s bed today and they were so excited!

~Debbie, knitting by the woodstove sounds wonderful!

~Clarice, you are so sweet. :0) Your roasted pear sauce sounds delicious!

~Pea, thank you! I can’t wait until the leaves fall...I will have to take one of those fall walks!

~Janet, chocolate with marshmallows sounds so yummy!!

~Tanya, thank you! I’m hoping to get some quilting done this fall! It is a great way to warm up!

~Tina, I love everything about fall too! I’m especially enjoying the “feel” of fall since it cooled down here this week!

~Peg, we’ve been in a drought this year too. I’m hoping to see a little fall color soon. You will have to let me know if you start a blog!

~Pam, thank you! I enjoyed reading about your favorite fall things! It is such a fun time of year.

~Heather, the cooler weather always puts me in a baking mood too! I keep my pantry stocked up with lots of pumpkin. :0)

~Kim, thank you! We go on a hayride/weiner roast with our church too! So fun!

~Emily, thank you for stopping by! I love to open all the windows too! It gets rid of the stuffy summer air!

~Beth j. Thank you! Warm pajamas are the best!

~Mrs. Pivec, you are right about the angle of the fall light! Isn’t it beautiful?!

~Grammy swart, thank you! Your fall favorites all sound wonderful! I’ve been thinking of making apple butter, thank you for the reminder!!

~Ulla, we had a very dry summer too. It rained all day here and it was wonderful!!

~Jan, thank you! I love the sweet smell of the crisp air too!

~Mouse, thank you! I’m so glad the gingerbread coffee was a hit! The football games sound like lots of fun!

~Julie, thank you! Your list of fall favorites is making my hungry! I love making hearty meals too!

~Fay, thank you! Congratulations on your new little one! My favorite fall things are food related too. :0)

~Rowan, thank you! You have a beautiful way with words! I enjoyed reading your favorite thing about fall.

~Kris, thank you so much! Send some of your snow down to me. I really miss it!

~Mrs. Harris, thank you! Your fall day with your chilldren sounds wonderful!!

~Smilnsigh, thank you for sharing such a beautiful quote!

~Morgan, I agree, it is so hard to pick just one! I love them all too!

~Naturegirl, I just *love* your autumn displays!! How wonderful that your birthday comes in such a great season!

~Cori, thank you! I have used many of Mrs. Wilt’s wonderful fall ideas too!

~Sabine, thank you for sharing your favorite fall thing! I love the beautiful fall sky too!

~Mrs. U, it is very important to take our fall vitamins everyday! ;0)

~Amy, thank you!! I agree, it's wonderful to be able to play outside again! Enjoying a good read-aloud under a quilt sounds perfect!!

~Phillip, thank you! My blog wouldn't even be here if it weren't for your html magic! Oh, and the wonderful pictures you take for me! I promise to make more cookies soon. :0)

~Revee, thank you! Tell your girls "hi" from us too! :0)

Congratulations again, Dawn!!!


dot said...

Congratulations Dawn!

Kelli, that was so sweet of you to have that little give-a-way.

Janet said...

Yea Dawn!

What a nice idea this was. Thank you for thinking of it.

Tina Leigh said...

No No NO it says...T-I-N-A!!!
Kelli that was pretty neat...I liked reading everyones answers. Nice of you to respond to everyones too!! NEXT!!!

Marci said...

I missed the whole thing... Oh well, congratulations to the winner!!!

Dawn said...

Woot!!!! You have an email...
So excited...
Thank You, Kelli!!!

Carole Burant said...

Woohoooo Dawn!!! Congrats!! That was a lot of fun Kelli:-)

Mrs.Garcia said...

Congratulations to you Dawn.

Janice said...

Congratulations Dawn! :o)
Kelli, what a fun thing to do! I'm sorry to have missed out in all the festivities! I'm late!

Naturegirl said...

Kelli you are welcome we all were pleased to share your 300th post w/ you! How nice that 51 visitors commented..congrats to Dawn I am sure you made her day!

MariaJ said...

Congratulations Dawn and Thanks for this fun Kelli!