Monday, December 03, 2007

Christmas in the Treasured Past

I got out our collection of Christmas books and put them in a basket by the fireplace this evening.

One of my favorite books is called The Best of Christmas, published by Ideals in 1972. Let's visit a small town of long ago...

Little towns are happiest
For they spell the simple things,
At Christmas they are carolers,
And peace that His birth brings.

-Mabel Wilton

The following story is by: Erwin L. Hess
There were no Christmas trees for sale on city lots in those days but there were many trees to choose from. A walk in the cold, crisp air to some small woods, a sharpened ax in hand and we had one! That year Papa picked out a great big, beautiful tree!

Christmas morning sparkled. A tinsel of snow whirled in the air. Onward we rode in the creaking sled pulled by the team of horses. Grandpa's and Grandma's house was hidden in the world's nicest place...

It seemed to be tucked away in some far-off land of silence, peace and contentment. It was a wonderland, wrapped in snow on Christmas Day.

We stomped into the warm kitchen and it's savory smells of cooking made us hungrier than ever. Momma put on an apron to help Grandma with the forthcoming dinner and the kitchen vibrated with holiday happiness.

In those days Christmastime was an old-fashioned, homemade holiday season. Most folks made things which turned out to be gifts...and they loved making them. Those were the days of simplicity, yet satisfyingly pleasant golden days of long ago...

We remember our best Christmas. A flashback appears and this favorite Christmas plays on a very special screen in a picture of color, and we see the scenes we remember so well.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to bring back these simple and old-fashioned pleasures for our own homes? That is my wish for this Christmas season.


Lena said...

Hi Kelli,
Thank you for your kind welcome back. I enjoyed reading your post. Thank you for sharing the lovely story, and pictures. I love the idea of "the world's nicest place." I was thinking this evening, that it is time to bring out my Tasha Tudor book about Christmas. It always centers me in the simpler aspects of this lovely season. I like another book of hers written for children too. "Becky's Christmas". That one is very much about keeping Christmas simple and homemade. It's one of my favorite Christmas stories.
Take care.

Unknown said...

Thank you for visiting my site--I never expected it and it was so thoughtful of you!

This posting reminded me of a Christmas Ideals magazine that my mom had that we got out every year. It was delightful to look at! I don't have naything like that but I think I need some!

What a great idea!

Jen said...

It would be fantastic to bring those days back. I enjoy watching Th Waltons and Little House on the Praire during the holidays.....wishing I could back there for one day.

Paula said...

Wonderful picture books with Christmas scenes make me feel all warm and cozy inside. Beautiful reflections! :)
Mrs. C

... said...

i think Christmas is one of those times that we look back and remember simpler times.

for me, part of it is living most of my life before the technology boom that includes computers, video games, and cell phones.

but i think my kids will look back at their Christmases and remember them simpler. i think that has to do with childhood memories and not having the responsibilities of an adult.

TJ said...

I posted last December on my blog about my best Christmases ever. Neither had to do with what we got, but one was what we gave to two children who didn't have, and the other was the year we just enjoyed time together laughing as a family. I think we can all take Christmas back to simpler times, by remembering that the season is for family and showing Christ's love to others.

homespun living said...

Love those illustrations!! I would sure like to recreate that warm, cozy, and simpler atmosphere for Christmas.


Anonymous said...

I have recently found your blog again. I enjoy it very much. I so want a simple and old fashioned Christmas, that is what I am striving for this year. Thanks for the post.

Robin said...

I too, collect Christmas books. In fact, I just collect books! Your story was lovely and the pictures were sweet. Thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for the memories of Christmas past.

I really like the idea of the Christmas books on display.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Kelli, I enjoyed your post about your Christmas book collection. Aren't these books wonderful! I've got a little collection too, and enjoy looking through it this time of year, and even in the middle of the summer sometimes too. I especially love the ones that describe the old fashioned Christmases.

Carole Burant said...

Oh yes, I certainly do wish we could bring back those simple times of Christmases long ago...I really do miss being a child at Christmas:-) I love the idea of putting your books near the fireplace like that!! xox

Jodi said...

Beautiful illustrations with a delightful focus on family togetherness.

Unknown said...

I agree. Those simpler times of long ago. All this technology is supposed to save us time, but I think sometimes it just adds to our stress.

The story is just charming. What a delight. Thank you for sharing it.

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

I used to have a ton of Christmas books, but I sent quite a few of them to my granddaughter last year. She was just learning to read and what better material could I give her?

Merry Christmas!

Paula said...

Oh, how I long for those types of days--unfortunately, I don't think they ever will return--we have the media and big businesses to thank for that. There really does need to be more downtime during the month of December.


La Dolce Vita with LeAnn said...

My family had Ideals when I was young and I used to be able to buy them at our local bookstore, now the only way I can get them is through a subscription order. Your post was beautiful. I want to thank you again for Seasonal Delights, it was so fun to read and enjoy all the great ideas you put together. Blessings, LeAnn

Missy said...

so wonderful! it makes me want to jump into the story and live through the words! wouldn't that be wonderful :)

thank you!


Kelly @ Growing.Learning.Playing. said...

Love it, Kelli! I, too, long for the more "old-fashioned" Christmases. Terry and I love Christmas, but hate hate hate the commercialism. We are trying to bring a peaceful Christmas into our home, but it is hard to do with the rest of the world going mad. hugs!

nancy said...

I do remember the Ideals magazines from some time in the distant past. Those pictures are priceless. And the idea of an old fashioned Christmas is so appealing. I often long for a simpler, kinder way of life.

Aunt Ruthie said...

What a warm and cozy feeling I got reading your post! I too love Ideals books! I love the old fashioned ways of life, and the pictures you shared were wonderful!I wish I could sit in Momma's kitchen! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!
Warm Pie, Happy Home

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelli, thanks for stopping by, have you had a chance to try the Hot Cocoa/Chocolate drink yet with the creamer?