Friday, February 29, 2008

Weekend Chit~Chat

Thank you for your help on how to care for my new linen placemats and napkins. You weren't kidding when you said they would get wrinkled after washing!

I ironed them and then went to the fabric store, where I found this green print. I cut out shamrocks and will applique one onto a corner of each napkin. Doing the first one is always fun, but the question is, will I finish all four. ;0) I only have 17 days, so I'd better get busy.

I also wanted to show you my homemade buttermilk. I got the recipe from Amy at Simple Folk and it was so easy to make!

All you need is: cultured buttermilk for your starter, whole milk and a quart jar. Go HERE for the recipe.

Tonight, I put the buttermilk to good use by making Amy's Sugar Cookie Cake.

It has a delicious topping and the cake is moist and really does taste like a sugar cookie! We enjoyed a piece with a glass of milk while watching The Secret Garden.

Well, I'm off to enjoy the weekend with my family. I'll talk to you all soon!


Julie said...

This post reminded me so much of my Grandma. There was always a carton of buttermilk in the fridge, just for Grandma. (None of her kids or grandkids liked it.) She didn't ask for much but we were so happy to fulfill her simple wants. When my Aunt Mary and I would go to the movies we would bring her back her favorite "Nibs" licorice candies.


nancy said...

Kelli, I love buttermilk and what it does for baking. The cookie cake reminds me of something I need to share. It looks wonderful... very much like my Amish Friendship Bread.
I don't know how you were going to attach your shamrocks, but I just got the best applique' tip ever, if you need it. What is your usual procedure?

Kelli said...

I'd love your tip, Nancy! I was just going to applique stitch around it.

Shop girl said...

My Mother loved butter milk and corn bread, I never found a teast for it. But I love to bake with it, and often make my own pancakes with butter milk, they are the best!
love your pictures, have a great weekend, Mary

the said...

I have never made or even heard of making your own buttermilk. Im going to have to try it for sure! Your recipes are THE BEST!
Have a great weekend,

Quinne said...

Hi Kelli :) Hope that you have a lovely weekend, too!

My sweeties and I will enjoy making the buttermilk - I have several wonderful recipes that call for it. Love, Q

Anonymous said...

I only ever have buttermilk to bake with when I have been making butter. For that I take double cream and beat and beat it in my Kenwood Chef (food mixer) until it is so stiff and then begins to seperate. You then drain the buttermilk off and put it on one side, add water to your butter and gently wash it through, drain and repeat, and then add a little salt if wished and combine, and take the butter out of the bowl. Then pat into shape with butter pats (Scotch hands) or two pallet knives. Oh, and before it seperates, put a teatowel over the top or you will have buttermilk EVERYWHERE! When it starts to slop, turn the speed down.

I use the buttermilk to make the most wonderful scones.

Unknown said...

Your sugar cookie cake looks delicious. Love what you have done with your linen. The town I live in here in N Ireland is famous for it's linen, yet I don't have any!!

Lisa said...

The sugar cookie cake looks yummy!

Tori Leslie said...

I don't care so much for buttermilk, but I love to cook and bake with it.

Love the napkins!!! Very cute! °Ü°

Anonymous said...

The napkin is lovely. I am so excited about the homemade buttermilk recipe. My husband makes his own wheat bread and uses buttermilk. Thanks for the link.
You have a wonderful weekend.

Michelle said...

Hi Kelli ~ LOVE how your napkin project turned out! They ironed up very well, didn't they?!

Oh my, the cake looks absolutely delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe. It's one I'll definitely have to try.

Have an enjoyable time with your family this weekend!

Jen said...

Sounds great. I hope you enjoy your weekend too. I think we may get in the 70's so we will be outside.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelli!

I know it's been a while since I've posted but I do come over to visit you.

That cookie cake looks mighty yummy! I just love your site it always feels warm and cozy! God Bless You & Your Family Kelli

Charlotte said...

Yum. That made me hungry. As for linen. I have some beautiful linen tablecloths that I never ever use because they have to be ironed and ironed and ironed.
Have a great weekend.

Patricia said...

You are so right about linens getting so wrinkled. but how lovely and crisp they look after ironing!
I have never tried making buttermilk! We make buttermilk biscuits all the time so this is something I will have to try.

Needled Mom said...

Thanks for the buttermilk recipe. I love using it in my cooking but hate to figure out what else to do with the rest of the container. I have learned to put 1 cup measurements in freezer bags and freeze them until needed. It works just great and then you always have some when the recipe calls for it. I'm thinking that I need to try that cookie cake. YUM.

The shamrocks will looks so pretty on the napkins. I can't wait to see them finished.

Missy said...

wow! never heard of sugar cookie cake :) yum. wish i could have a bite......


Paula said...

Linens make every meal more special, don't they? Cute little tea set you found, as well. Thanks for the recipes and the link to her website. Quite interesting! Enjoy your family time.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I love buttermilk! My Dad and I use to put a few shakes of salt in it before we drank it --it brings back memories. I always have to have it this time of the year as I use it in my Irish Soda Bread, and sometimes I can't find it, so having a recipe to make it will be great. Thanks!

I had company today, and everyone loved the Orange Spice Cake I made from your recipe! Thanks again! The sugar cookie cake looks yummy.

Your Irish linen napkins look so much more festive with the shamrock applique.

Anonymous said...

What a neat way to personalize your linen napkins.

That cake looks so good.

Gena said...

Your napkins will be just beautiful and I know you'll get them done.

I think I would like to try making buttermilk. That cake looks absolutely delicious.

Anonymous said...

Lovely things you've bought !!!
That cake looks so delicious !!!

SimpleFolk said...

Hi Kelli! SO glad you enjoyed the recipes! :-)

(The napkins are beautiful! I actually made some myself the other day.)


Sharon said...

What a wonderful post. I have to try that cake.

Your linen napkins are pretty and will be even mor so when you are done!

nancy said...

Kelli, your spring re-decorating on your page is absolutely beautiful. I'm looking forward to the Spring edition. Enough with winter, already!

Anonymous said...

They look great with the shamrocks. Linen does get so wrinkled but it lasts foooorrreever.


GranthamLynn said...

Are you going to drink the buttermilk? This reminds me of my daddy. There was always a carton and he would drink it at night before bed if he didn't drink a Dr. Pepper!
I wanted to let you know I put your link over on my blog. Your the lucky one. I got yours to work. I tried to add some others and it won't work. Got any pointers for this dummy at blogging?

Anonymous said...

Love it all. I love buttermilk.. so many hate it,but it reminds me of time with mom.

Jennifer Hoots said...

Oh, wow! That cake looks great. My Grace wanted her hair to be like American Girl Kit! I think it worked.

NHizName said...

Kellli, love the napkins...and I also love buttermilk and corn bread ( that's what we had for supper last night)...not so much on just drinking buttermilk tho'.
A question, if you don't mind....just wondering on the flour for the cake...unsure if I should use self rising or plain? Could you tell me what you used please?

MightyMom said...

now see, my linen napkins always look like that first pic! (I don't use them anymore....) :-)