Tuesday, March 11, 2008

~A Spring Bathroom~

Today I would like to show you our main bathroom. We had tile put down about two years ago, before that it was the original carpet from 1986. Ew! So, while we were having the floor redone, I also redecorated with a lavender theme.


I looked everyone for some lavender prints and finally found three I liked on Ebay.

The third one is here above the toilet.

Bathroom Wall
The opposite wall holds a towel rack and decorative hooks. The wreaths are recent additions. I saw some small lavender wreaths at Michaels, but wasn't about to pay $9.99 for each one.

The rosemary in my herb garden got quite long during the winter, it usually dies back.

I cut some long stems and formed a mini wreath.

A also added a lavender bow.

This shabby chic dish and cup was also an Ebay find.

This little lamp works as a night light.

Here are a few spring touches that I just added: a lavender bunny figurine by the bath soaps.

A cotton tail bunny hand towel.

And finally, a little pedestal dish holding a bird's nest.

Thank you for looking at my bathroom!


Just Mom said...

I'm always amazed by how you bring loveliness in to your home. I better get cracking. :-D

rohanknitter said...

I'll bet your little wreaths smell good!

Rose of Sharon said...

What a lovely bathroom! It is just so peaceful and beautiful. You did a great job!

Hugs, Sharon

Cris said...

Kelli, what I enjoy most coming here is the way you get us thinking of how important it is to devote time to celebrate the spirit of special occasions and holidays through our decor too! And I am sure this also strengthens the relationship with your family! xoxxo

Kerri said...

Kelli, You are an inspiration to me. I have never decorated for spring!! It seems like no one does around here, but what a celebration of new life and warmer weather coming! Not to mention the "spring" it puts into your step to see the decorations on a daily basis when there is still so much snow! I have been so inspired by your blog, that now I am going to start adding those spring touches to my house and make it look like a home!!
I looked around my house for things to use and I have nothing! Looks like I need to go find some deals!:)
Thanks for the ideas!

Michelle said...

Your bathroom is so pretty! I especially love the cute little wreaths you made :)

Anonymous said...

The rosemary wreath is such a clever idea! I bet it smells wonderful too.

Paula said...

Lovely lavender! :)

nancy said...

Kelli I just love the bathroom. There are so many extra and beautiful touches that have "Kelli" written all over them. I see your lavender candle is still wrapped up! Are you going to light it someday? :-) The Rosemary wreath is a wonderful idea. I will definitely try that!

Anonymous said...

Lavender is such a lovely, spring-like color. I just adore how you have decorated your bathroom, Kelli. You have this magical touch of being able to see how things go together.


Tamara said...

Everything looks so fresh & lovely. I can almost smell the lavender...no, wait...the rosemary!

Julieann said...

Kelli, it is so pretty:)


Needled Mom said...

I really like the lavender bathroom. You have given me a great idea for my rosemary too. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Everything is so bright and cheerful.

TJ said...

Wow this is really pretty! I love the lavender! I never thought of lavender wreaths.

Kaia pulled out all of the lavender we had left in the garden to decorate our hair last night, but turning those and other smell good plants into a wreath is genius!

Carole Burant said...

Dearest Kelli,

I just love all your Spring time decor! Everything looks beautiful! I've decorated for Easter but with all the cold and snow we're still having, I just can't get into the Spring mood! At least we're now having longer daylight with advancing our clocks an hour so that helps a bit:-) xox

LadySnow said...

Lavender is my favorite color. The bathroom looks so peaceful.

Tori Leslie said...

Very Pretty Kelli!!

Teri H said...

Beautiful! I put a picture of my sapphire ring like yours up today... =)


Susan said...

I have a good friend who has an all purple bathroom. It is so royal!!! Your lavender is lovely.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow...everything is just SO beautiful! Well, I'm just absolutely inspired now!

Love, Tina :)

Sandra said...

Very, very pretty! You've made your bath into a serene, calm room. I really like the wreaths, too.

I also enjoyed your front entrance photos too. Love seeing pictures of your home. :o)

GranthamLynn said...

As always lovely. I love your wreaths. And I bet they smell wonderful. Great idea. I love the porch. I need help with mine. I'll have to post and ask you to come over and give me some ideas! Again. Beautiful as always.

Anonymous said...

The bathroom is beautiful. I love the colour !! I've got a lavender themed toilet. With lavender in pots on a shelf and lavender towels. You have given me a great idea with the rosemary wreaths !! Thank you !!!

Christine said...

How charming! You have such a knack for creatively decorating!

Mrs. U said...

Your bathroom is very pretty, Kelli! I especially love your rosemary wreath! Wonderful idea! And I'll bet it smells super, too!

Mrs. U

Charlotte said...

I love lavender - the color - the scent - the plant. Lovely for a bathroom.

Julie said...

I think you did a great job with your lavender bathroom, and I especially like the fact that you added natural touches like the bird's nest and the wreath.

Mommy said...

OH! I love the Lavendar look! And what a neat idea to use Rosemary for your wreaths!

Anonymous said...

I like the hangers for towels, like most people put a hook to hang their towels on the doors, I totally hate that, its better to hang towels on wall.

Solvig said...

I've saved your site to my favorites. At the end of a work day, I open it and read through your pages - all the stress just melts away. Wonderful job on your home and your site!