Monday, March 10, 2008

~A Spring Porch, Entryway, and Living Room~

Welcome! Today I'm going to show you the spring decorations on my front porch and in my entryway and living room.

I used this metal hanger last 4th of July, but changed it up a bit by adding different scrapbook paper to the front, a green bow, and filling it with daisies.

I also added a bow and daisies to the pillow on my front porch rocking chair.

More pink and green in my front door wreath.

Just inside the front door is the entryway.

I have a small white table and mirror against one of the walls.

A special thank you to Mrs. Wilt for the idea of placing robin's eggs in my moss wreath.

A fern and flower arrangement that I plan on using all the way through summer.

Two little birds stand on both sides of the flowers.

And last of all, my living room.

Each coffee table has a box filled with ivy, and birdhouse coasters close by.

On one side of my hearth I have a few poetry books and my "Secret Garden" display that I shared last week.

On the other side, a candle lantern with a bird's nest at the base, and a bunny pull toy by the fireplace tools.

Thank you for looking at some of my spring decorations!


Anonymous said...

So pretty, bright and very spring-like!

Brenda said...

Beautiful home! That's one thing I miss is not having an actual entryway in my home. Nevertheless the pros outweigh the cons! I always enjoy coming over to visit your blog. Thanks. Brenda

Tori Leslie said...

Very pretty. I love the wreath and eggs, so subtle but sweet.

Susan said...

Your home is truly a lovely place.

Mrs. M said...

Beautiful Kelli. I knew we could count on you for some spring inspiration. I love your new header too. It looks familiar :)

LadySnow said...

With all the snow we had the past weekend I have a hard time envisioning spring. ;)

TJ said...

How very pretty! I will have to decorate for spring, so I can join in the sharing!

Kimberly said...

Lovely, just like you!!!
I see yet another book in your home that also lives in mine. Isn't the Token of Friendship delightful? I've been enjoying Sunflower Houses as well...

Laurie said...

I love your Springtime decorations, especially the door hanger with the pretty little daisies!!

Tell Grace her hair looks just lovely!!

Creative Life Studio said...

It looks wonderful, as usual, Kelli. I need to get my Easter things out; it's come so early this year!

It's funny, because I've been "visiting" your place for so long that when you showed the inside shot of your door I thought to myself, "...and she had the Christmas tree right over there...". Too funny! If I ever visit you in Texas the only room I may need directions to is the powder room! :)

Quinne said...

What pretty touches, Kelli! Everything is just delightful :)
Love, Q

Deb said...

I love your blog, Kelly, but I often wonder have you always been able to find the time to keep such a beautiful life going for you and your family. I desire to find more ways to (as a homeschooling mamma with five kids) make more life and home more inviting and homey. How do you keep up? Maybe you could post something that would help people find the time to make their homes a haven like your's seems to be. Thank you!

Sandra said...

I just love all your decorating Kelli :)

Debbie said...

Very lovely home and decorations. I am a bit behind on decorating for spring, but I have been inspired! (as usual) *smile*

nannykim said...

love all the bird eggs. Love the pink and green wreath--delightful. Also love your big window--all the way to the floor!!

Anonymous said...

I love your metal envelope container. I have been looking at a few of these at Micheals and wondering how I could dress them up. Thanks so much for the ideas.

Karen said...

Everything is so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Your home is so pretty Kelli. I love your hearth.

Farrah said...

I think my favorite of all your decorations is in your bathroom! Probably because it's a room many don't give much attention to, but I love the lavendar them you used! And I love a clean, new feeling for the bath. Our master bath really needs some sprucing up, but it is low on my list for the time being.

Anonymous said...

i adore the flowers on the brick wall.

Cris said...

How pretty! Here I was with pillows on my couch that looked so dull, I am going to add some bows and maybe artificial flowers to them, thanks!

Anonymous said...

I just love watching your home transform easch season...this always inspires me to do mine! I am in Montana, so we are several weeks behind you...but I will be there soon enough!

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful as usual! I wish I had the time and talent to do these things in my own home. One day!

Thanks for sharing your home with us again.

Grace & Peace

Heart 4 My Home said...

I really like the idea you have of using scrap book paper to decorate the metal hanger on the front porch. I have seen those types of decoration but never really liked the plain look, but you have inspired me with this.

Your family room is so lovely. I feel like a welcomed guest looking at the pictures. You are so blessed with an eye and talent for decorating.