Monday, April 28, 2008

A Weekend in the Garden ~ Part Two

Thank you for coming by and visiting me this weekend! The weather on Saturday was perfect and I accomplished more than I thought I would.

I got all of the weeds pulled in this small area.

I'm going to attempt to make a Sunflower house.

I will fill in the spaces around it with various flowers.

I also did a little rearranging. A birdbath found a new home under our tree.

And a small birdbath now hangs under a canopy of ivy and jasmine.

The Jasmine just started blooming.

Before I started gardening this weekend, Grace and I went to the library and happened to see a yard sale on the way home.

I couldn't pass up these tea luncheon sets! I got all three for $2.00.

Pretty blue springtime flowers.

Thank you for looking at more pictures of my weekend in the garden. I hope you have a wonderful start to your week!


The Liberty Belle said...

The luncheon sets are too pretty! How do you manage to stumble across so many wonderful finds? Also, you've been such a busy bee in the garden. May your efforts reward you ten-fold.

Missy said...

i can't wait to see your sunflower house! what a great deal on your tea sets. so pretty :)


Anonymous said...

Your gardens are looking splendid!! The luncheon set is so pretty, too!

Tori Leslie said...

Looks like you have a great place to grow some nutritious goodies.

Your yard is very pretty!

Unknown said...

Oh, those dishes are lovely. I can see you and Grace and Emily having tea in the garden this week.

Can't wait to see the sunflower house when it is in full bloom.

Wanita said...

The luncheon sets are so pretty. Your garden is looking very pretty, too. I love the idea for the sunflower house. I hope they grow well for you.

GranthamLynn said...

Just happened to see a garage sale? The little lucheon sets are so sweet and I bet they just homed in on you and pulled you over to get them! I can't wait to see the sunflower garden house. What a cute idea! Thank you so much for sharing your garden with us. Have
a happy week. Sherry

Tracy said...

I LOVE that Jasmine flower! So pretty! Can't wait to see your sunflower house. The children are going to adore it!

Needled Mom said...

Be sure to post a photo of the sunflower house. It sounds like it will be so pretty.

The luncheon sets are so pretty. They look wonderful on the lace runner in the garden.

So glad that you accomplished so much in the garden this weekend.

A Hint of Home said...

Can't wait to see the sunflower house. What a neat idea.
Your dishes are great, can't beat the price. I love the birdhouse under the tree.

Theresa said...

Hi Kelli,

Love the gardens pics, just beautiful. I thought of you this morning ~ I made the butterscotch marshmallow bars ~ Unbelievable!! Thanks for the recipe:)



Heather K said...

love your garden! Hope you enjoy your sunflower house!
I planted many kinds of sunflowers in my garden last year....randomly. They were amazing...All different varieties! they were so thick we couldn't walk through them in places! I did it as a screen between the neighbour and our place...they were very pretty and lasted all summer long! some were really tiny but some were 8-12 ft high..maybe taller.
take care

dot said...

Can't wait to see how your sunflower house turns out!

Ms Dragonfly said...

me and my son have some planting to do today, we got tons of Zenia's from my grandmother the other day!

Unknown said...

What a great find you found with those dishes and teacups! They are just beautiful! I can't wait until garage sales start up here. Hopefully soon!

I love all your garden plans and know the little area where you are planting those flowers is just going to be beautiful! Can't wait to see how it looks when they grow!
Have a beautiful day!

Katy said...

The sunflower house sounds AWESOME!! i can't wait to see it! :)

Those luncheon sets are pretty! What a great deal you got on them!! :)

Jen said...

I love your Yard Sale find. How wonderful. And your yard is looking great. A Sunflower space will be awesome I cannot wait to see it.

Christine said...

How positively lovely, Kelli!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelli, Imagine my joy when I saw my illustration from my first book Sunflower Houses. Hurrah! You'll enjoy it, but maybe put a sturdy stake at either side of the door, and at the corners. (learned through the years). Keep up your great Mom work and your wonderful blog. I love it!

Sharon Lovejoy
P.S. I have a different design for a sunflower house in my book Roots Shoots Buckets & Boots!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see pictures of your Sunflower house. Sounds interesting.

Anonymous said...

Simply lovely!!!! I like your dishes too!!! Good buy! :)

TJ said...

I'm so glad you were able to get out in the garden too! We had a marvelous time getting some things planted although many still need to wait for the last frost date (2 more weeks approx). I didn't get near enough cleaning done, but had fun with the fam. that's what's important right?

Thank you so much for your sweet comments on our family photos!

Have a blessed week! I definitely would love a visit to your garden. Especially the sunflowers, my hubby pulls out all the ones the birds "plant."

Creative Life Studio said...

Wow, you got a lot done! It will be interesting to see the sunflower house grow into fruition. Will it be something for the children to play in?

Love the little birdbath.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Kelli

Your garden sunflower "house" sounds so intriguing! I can't wait to see how it grows.

I love the pretty lunch dishes --grewta find!

Hugs, Pat

Anonymous said...

That looks so great, a sunflower house, what a great idea !!!
The luncheon set looks lovely with the pretty blue flowers.
Have a great day !!!

Julieann said...

I enjoyed your 2 part post of your garden--those new dishes are so pretty:)


smileymamaT said...

oh love the flowered dish set. A sunflower house? Intriguing!

Jen Glover said...

What a great feeling to accomplish things! Happy Monday!

Unknown said...

You got a lovely tea set. I never seem to find any pretties like that. I must go to sales too late.

The garden is coming along beautifully. Must be such a feeling of accomplishment to have such lovely surroundings.

God bless.

Mike Golch said...

the photos are really nice thanks for putting them up.

CONNIE W said...

I always admire your creativity and your ambition...I still call you *Martha*! Things look great in the photos!

Lila Rostenberg said...

I hope your sunflower house grows "like crazy" and that your children find it delightful!
A friend has given me seed for sunflowers with "heads" as large as hubcaps...hmmmm. Now to find the right spot for these "giants"!

Stitcher S said...

It's always a treat to come here! I love the luncheon plates, they're wonderful. Your garden looks beautiful as well.

Kelly said...

Oh love the tea sets!!!!! And you have totally resolved my tree issue, my Husband wanted to just do bricks around a tree out front but the way you have yours with the flowers, birdbath etc, it looks perfect!!!! I cannot wait to try and do mine like that!


Mrs. U said...

Oh my, Kelli!! You accomplished so much!!! I surely can't wait to see how your sunflower house turns out! I saw one on TV before and thought it was so lovely!!

Mrs. U

Pearl Maple said...

Oh what a lovely idea, have never heard of this before but what a lovely place that will be to hide out in the heat of summer.

Good luck on your adventures. Your blog space is always full of creative inspiration of all kinds. Thank you for sharing.

Anita said...

Wow, a sunflower house sounds so exciting, good luck!

And another WOW for that pretty lunchon set! Lovely!

Simply Heart And Home said...


You have been such a busy bee in your garden. It won't be long before you see the fruits of your labor. I love sunflowers! I've tried to grow them a number or years but the little animals here eat them before they have a chance to grow very well. Thankfully, they do leave my other flowers alone.

I love your little teacups and saucers. Great buy!



joyh82 said...

Very pretty luncheon set! Your garden will look great with all the flowers you have picked out.
We just bought a birdbath yesterday
not sure where to put it yet.

The Cottage Nester said...

Oh everything looks so BEAUTIFUL Kelli!

I am planning to do a major upheavel in my backyard this year. Tear out all the grass and start anew and plant some shrubs and a small little veggie garden. I am gonna be scouring some yard sales and ebay for a nice patio set that won't rust in the elements.

Thanks so much for the inspiration! God Bless You and Your Family

Mrs. Monise

Terri said...

Be sure to post photos when your sunflower house is all grown in.
Gillian (9) and I have discussed a morning glory tee pee. We could plant the seeds in Pots, place them in a circle and grow them into a tee pee shape with the help of some bamboo canes.

Julie said...

A sunflower house is a wonderful idea for people with young kids. They will love it!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful transformation! I can't wait to see it in bloom. You really must help me with my sad yard some day. My mind goes blank when I try to think of what to do with it. You on the other hand have the wonderful ability to make everything so cosy! =0)