Thursday, May 08, 2008

Lots of strawberries!

Our little strawberry patch has been doing so well this year. The girls and Benjamin like to go out every morning and see how many ripe berries there are.

Don't you think the white ones are pretty, too?

Strawberry flowers
There are plenty more on the way.

The little berries make a perfect snack.

Along with strawberry tea, of course!

They also make the perfect snack for the bunny fairies!

Speaking of strawberries, I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago. I'm going to make myself and the girls aprons for the summer.

And finally, strawberries have been on sale lately, so we've been making strawberry smoothies.

Here is the recipe:

~Strawberry Smoothies~
3 cups ice
1 1/2 cups strawberries, quartered
1/4 cup sugar
1 cup milk

Blend all ingredients in blender until smooth. Enjoy!

Don't forget to save a strawberry for the top!


Anonymous said...

Oh, seeing your pretty berries makes me ever so hopeful for our new little strawberry "field". I went out today and there are several teeny, tiny green strawberries on them!

I love the strawberry fabric you bought for aprons! Be sure to show them when you have them made up.

Kathi said...

Just lovely, Kelli. I want to come over and sit a spell and have one of those smoothies with you. I love your table cloth too!!


Kathy said...

Your plants are doing so well! The smoothie looks fabulous!...Kathy

Seeb said...

I love this recipe, great for hot days,if you like cooking I tried a new chicken skewer,you can see it in my blog.
have fun.

Unknown said...

That strawberry smoothie looks delicious - I can almost taste it.

Simonetta said...

Gnumm!!!I love the strawberries fruits!Thank you for sharing ;)))

Momma Roar said...

Oh yummy!! I think we'll have to try your smoothie recipe!! Thanks!

Elle had picked out some strawberry fabric at the store the other week and I made it into shorts! But an apron is a great idea too!

Jen said...

Your smoothie sounds awesome. We make them quite a bit with bananas too. I love strawberries and will be making Strawberry Jam really soon.

LBP said...

I love strawberries! It will soon be picking time here VA, usually the end of May. Those smoothies look delicious!



Michelle said...

I enjoyed looking at your pictures, Kelli - they're all so pretty! Thanks for sharing the smoothie recipe - it's one I'm definitely going to try!

Have a blessed day!


Anonymous said...

I just purchased a strawberry growing kit in a hanging basket, so that will be another little summer project for us. I can't wait for our own strawberries! Your berries look wonderful, and the pictures are delightful as always.

I have some pretty floral fabric from months ago that is my apron project too. I'm sure yours will be adorable! Thank you for sharing the recipe, and have a blessed day!

Meredith said...

Beautiful, beautiful!

I love that strawberry print. I used the same fabric on two black chairs in my first apartment. Wish I still had those!

Jennifer Hoots said...

We planted 8 everbearing strawberry plants. I hope they do as well as yours are doing. :-)

Nancy M. said...

The strawberries look so good. I love that you are going to make aprons. I did the same when my girls were young. Good memories.

Mississippi Songbird said...

oh, that sounds yummy. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Your berries are just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I dont like strawberrys but u sure make everything so pretty! I miss you Kelli! Tina Leigh

Charlotte said...

Strawberries - yummy. I'll have to try the strawberry smoothie. I've made smoothies with strawberries plus other fruits, never just strawberries. I'll bet that is good. Love your bunnies.
We tried to grow strawberries a few times, but were never successful. Glad you are doing it. Nothing better than a fresh strawberry, unless it is a piece of dark chocolate.

TJ said...

Oh wow! Strawberries already, ok sometimes I don't like living so far North! I am still a little nervous because I didn't cover my tomato and jalapeno plants last night.

I think berries always look lovely! I would like to get a strawberry pot to plant someday. They always look so nice growing out of the pot. Enjoy!

Thanks for the Mother's Day lunch tip too! I think I will take both your idea and Mrs. Mordecais!


This post is totally Yummy!
I need to get some strawberries
and some angel food cake for
Mothers Day after this lovely
strawbery fest!

Cris said...

Your tea cups are so lovely! It is really getting warmer there!

Trish said...

Those strawberries look beautiful! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. Can't wait to see pics of the aprons you are going to make. I love pretty aprons!

Anonymous said...

I love to pick sun warmed strawberries and pop them in my mouth...LOL!

Those aprons will be precious. Aprons seem to be a big thing lately, I bought my first one about a month ago and love wearing it when I cook!

You know...I've never had a smoothie, I bet that one is great!☺

Simply Heart And Home said...


Those strawberries look so delicious! Thank you for the strawberry smoothie recipe. Sounds like a perfect drink for a hot summer day!

Anonymous said...

oh yes, strawberries! we keep drinking strawberry/mango smoothies every day these days, so yummy!

Jenny said...

I am planning to take my boys strawberry picking this weekend. I can't wait to try your smoothies out! YUM!!!

Quinne said...

Hi Kelli :) Oh, the berries! How wonderful they look -on the vine, by the cup, in the dish. Yum! I think strawberries are one of the lovliest celebrations of this time of year and enjoying them is pure praise :)

Be sure to post pics of your strawberry aprons - that material is wonderful! Love, Q

nancy said...

Everything looks so good. The teeny weenie bunny set is so cute. We've been eating them a lot too. I like the smoothies made with a bit of yogurt instead of milk. I think I'm going to do a fruit pizza for Mother's Day with lots of them on it.

Kelli said...

Thanks for the great recipe. My kids love smoothies and, although up here in the Northland things aren't berrying yet, this gives us something to look forward to!

Oh, and I love the spelling of your name.

Kelli in MN

Missy said...

i love your little bunnies! the smoothie looks yummy :)


A Hint of Home said...

Thanks for the recipe. The smoothies look so inviting.
I know you'll enjoy the strawberries as they ripen.

Anonymous said...

The smoothie recipe looks great, I will have to try it, thanks for sharing. It seems that every 1/2 mile there is a truck with the tailgate down, and full of strawberries. Don't you wish they lasted longer when you bring them home. Hey, I discovered a great strawberry treat. Fresh, warm brownies, strawberries with whipped cream on top, yummo!

Anonymous said...

Your strawberry patch looks great. We used to have wild strawberries in the fields and the kids would pick them for me. Houses have taken over them now.
The smoothie sounds great.

Susie Q said...

How delicious..for the tummy, taste buds AND eyes as well. Such pretty berries and strawberry goodies.
I love those mugs!

How special it all is...


Mommy said...

I LOVE strawberries! The smoothie looks soooo good right now. Hmmmmm!