Friday, June 02, 2006

Happy Anniversary

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Today my parents celebrate their 32nd wedding anniversary!! They have raised 6 children together and we all get along and love each other. It is such a blessing nowadays to have parents that have stayed together through thick and thin. A wonderful example to their children, when they have hard times to go through, to remember not to give up!
Phillip and I will be celebrating our anniversary this month also! They say June is the most popular wedding month. :0)

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. Here is to another wonderful 32 years! I love you both.



Anonymous said...

Hi Kelli,
Dave and I was talking about this last night. It seems today kids get bore and just walk out of marriage too easliy. That is what my dd did.I am so glad to see the example you and Phillip are setting. I checked my notebook again and I have it straight June 25 is your anniversay. So you won't have to wait till Feb. :) Dave and I have ours June 30.

Kelli said...

Hi Elizabeth,
You have the correct date. I can't wait! :0)