Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Our Christmas Eve

Happy Boxing Day to all of my Canadian friends! We had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you all did too! I thought I would share some pictures from our Christmas Eve.

We went to our Christmas Eve service in the late afternoon. Poinsettas covered the front of the church.

Grace and Emily sang in the children's choir and we sat in the front row so we could hear their sweet little voices.

Every year we have a guest harpist join us for Christmas carols. Such a beautiful sound!

After the service we came back home and wrapped a few presents. Benjamin is already a better wrapper than his mommy!

We soon got busy making reindeer food. They love oats and cookie sprinkles!

The girls and Benjamin sprinkled it along our walkway.

Then we all headed up Nana and Papa's house for chicken chili and eggnog bread. I got a bit of a migraine but I took some Ibprofin in time so it wasn't too bad.

We got home around 10:00pm and quickly put out some milk and cookies.

Dad er, I mean Santa likes double stuffed oreos. ;0)

Fern in definitely getting coal in her stocking!

Tired girls off to bed. What a yawn!

We put all the presents under the tree after everyone was sound asleep.

Thanks for looking!


dot said...

Beautiful pictures as always! I especially like the one taken on the front walk with the candy canes.

Heather Anne said...

Kelli - Happy Boxing Day! It looks like you had a beautiful Christmas - I am so glad for you! I can't believe 'Santa' would prefer purchased cookies to your delightful baking .... but what do you expect from a guy who wears a red suit with black boots!
Despite some difficulties at our house we had an enjoyable time too! How did your Christmas dinner menu go over? Are you enjoying lucious leftovers like we are? Blessed New Year!

Amy said...

Such sweet pictures :) I'm laughing at Heather's comment regarding the oreos ;)

Terri said...

That looks alot like Christmas eve at our house! Without the harpest, though! LOL

Did Fern get coal in her stocking for drinking Santa's milk? What a great photo.

Happy holidays!
God bless!

Rebecca said...

Looks like you had a fabulous Christmas Eve. We got little bags of reindeer food to spread on Christmas Eve, so we did it while we were travelling around some appletrees where deer actually are (the food was corn and pellets with glitter). I was wondering about doing it on your walkway-did you sweep it back up after they went to bed...or do they just do it for fun-knowing that Santa isn't real?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a perfect day.....

Anita said...

Oh Kelli, that was interesting! Thanks for sharing your Christmas Eve story and the lovely photos! I especially like the way you prepared food for Santa's Reindeers! ;-)))

I am not quite sure what it mean to get coal in the stockings but I guess that a sort of "punishment" for beeing cheeky, isn't it?

Over here in Germany, naughty kids get a rod from Santa, instead of chocolate... ;-))

Anyway, I am glad to learn that you had a great time!

Kelli said...

Dot, that is one of my favorites too. :0)

LOL, Heather! It seems like Santa isn't perfect afterall..hehe. They were double stuffed though, maybe it can't be helped. ;0) We have lots of leftovers too! They make dinners for the next few days nice and easy!

Thank you, Amy!

Hi Terri, Fern ended up being on the nice list afterall! She got a door knob feather hanger. I have been finding the feathers allover the house for the past two days..LOL

Rebecca, we usually sweep it up a little but it rained all day Christmas Eve so Phillip poured water over the bigger piles.

Britt-Arnhild, it really was a wonderful day!

Anita, our coal in the stockings sounds very similiar to your rod tradition! Rumor has it, if you are on Santa's naughty list you'll get coal in your stocking but I don't know anything about that. ;0)


Pamela said...

Kelli, oh, your pictures just are beautiful and reflect so much family love. I love that you and the kids make reindeer food...that is so sweet and thoughtful! We always just put out milk and cookies for Santa!

Marci said...

Sounds like it was a busy, but good Christmas at your house. The pictures were great.

theups said...

What lovely pictures!! Your church and your family are beautiful!!! Looks like y'all had a wonderful time!!!

Thank you for sharing!!

Mrs. U

Patty said...

Love all the pictures Kelli and the idea of the reindeer food sprinkled on the walkway is just precious. I am going to remember that one for grandchildren.
Looks like you had a wonderful day.

Julieann said...

OHH--- I love the idea, of sprinkling reindeer food--what a great idea (making a note for next year)

Great pictures Kelli!!!