Friday, February 15, 2008

"Show and Tell Friday!"

Welcome to “Show and Tell Friday!” Do you have something special to share with us? It could be a trinket from grade school, a piece of jewelry, or a treasured collection. Look around your home for something to share; dig through those boxes in your closet if you have to! Share photos and the story that goes with your special item.

Thank you for the valentine wishes, I hope you all had a wonderful day. Today I'm going to share some gifts I received for my birthday.

Last year I showed everyone these doll dress bookmarks that my special email/letter writing friend, Kelly made for me. Well, she surprised me with some more lovely gifts!

Hot Pads
A beautiful knitted potholder and two handmade dishcloths.

Heart themed for Valentine's Day! Kelly knows how much I love yellow and especially paired up with blue.

Pot holders
Here are some more pretty dishcloths she has made me in the past.

I folded them all up, tied the bundle with a ribbon, and set it in my kitchen window. Thank you for the beautiful gifts, Kelly!

Blue Jay
Speaking of my kitchen window, I'd like you to meet Mr. Jay. He was a gift from my mom and she got him especially because of the lovely acorn. Some of you may remember how much I love acorns. :0)

My mom also surprised me three beautiful mini teapots for my collection.


I love the delicate flowers.

This one might be my favorite!

As you can see I received some wonderful gifts for my birthday. Thank you for letting me share them with you!

Show and Tell Guidelines

What is Show and Tell Friday?
Show and Tell involves showing something to an audience, and then telling them about it. Your show and tell must be something that you own, and is in your home or garden.

What items work well for Show and Tell Friday?
Here are a few ideas to get you started:
-Family heirlooms
-A collection you may have
-A piece of jewelry
-A special gift
-Gardening pictures

What doesn't work well for Show and Tell Friday?
-Posts with no photos have no "Show." Please don't use them.
-Photos of events (trips, vacations, celebrations, etc.)
-Photos of things you are selling or planning to sell.
-Photos found on the internet, graphics or screenshots. Please use photos you take yourself.
-Photos of just people instead of things.

There is no place like home is the original home of Show and Tell Friday. Please do not host your own.

How can I participate?
Once you've got your photo(s) and your story, it's easy as 1-2-3!

1 - Publish your "Show and Tell" on your blog, including a link back to There is No Place Like Home. Go HERE for the "Show and Tell" picture code to copy and paste into your post.

2 - Copy the link (or "permalink") from your post.

3 - Add it to Mr. Linky, along with your first name only. (This will make the list easier to read.) I usually put Mr. Linky up on Friday at 12:00am Eastern time.

*If your name has been removed from Mr. Linky, please read over the guidelines before re-posting.


Betty said...

Indeed you did receive beautiful gifts for your birthday....the handmade things were very pretty, as well as the gorgeous teapots...oh yes, I like the bird....Betty

Anita said...

Oh yes, I remember the little doll dress bookmarks. You really got some very nice birthday gifts! I adore your the little birdie in your kitchen as well as the precious little tea cup!

Unfortunately, our Valentine's day wasn't as excited as it was yours because I had to work overthime and came home quite late!

By the way, they announced lots of sunshine for the coming week-end so I will try to take some sunny picutures of my February garden!

Have a great Friday, Kelli!

XoX, Anita

P.S.: My other plans for this week-end: making another ribbon memory board! ;-))

Abounding Treasures said...

Your birthday gifts from your friend Kelly are lovely. I love blue and yellow combined as well :-)

The miniature teapots from your mom are just beautiful ~ what treasures!

By the way, your window ledge looks great!

Mrs M

Muum said...

What nice gifts, I especially like the dish cloths. They are so beautiful I would have a hard time using them.

Jessica said...

Thanks for hosting the S&T Kelli - you do a great job.

Aren't birthdays so much fun? Your gifts are all really nice...and I especially like how they are all so personal to your taste.

Have a nice weekend.

Rose of Sharon said...

Oh Kelli - those are so cute! I love the cheery colors! The bird is adorable, is he metal?? I also really like your new additions to your tea set collection! Lovely!

Hugs, Sharon

Rebecca said...

What lovely gifts you received. You are evidently someone very special :-) Thanks for sharing them. I love the little bookmark!!

ellen b. said...

what fun gifts you have received. I really enjoy blue and yellow together too. The bird is so sweet in your garden window. Enjoy your lovelies...

nancy said...

Kelli, that yellow and blue is so beautiful! You really got a lot of wonderful gifts! I love "jay". And I would choose that same teapot as my favorite. it has such a gorgeous shape.

Cheryl said...

Those knitted pieces are amazing! I wish I could knit.

The teapots are so tiny, I wouldn't have known that due to the tremendous detail put into each one had you not shown there exact size in a photo. cute!

Bunny Chic Boutique said...

This is my first Show & Tell at your House. Thanks so much for including me. I LOVE your beautiful Teapots!!

Have a fabulous & "hoppy" weekend ~


Anonymous said...

A belated happy birthday to you! I love Mr. Jay. Those knitted dishcloths with the hearts are just wonderful!

Gattina said...

Very nice gifts for your birthday ! I love the little tea pots they are so cute !

Anonymous said...

Thats a pretty collections. Have a nice Friday.

Pear tree cottage! said...

Kelli, what lovely gifts from a lovely friend - birthdays are so special.

Just letting you know I have popped a note for others to visit "show & tell" on my blog today but cannot do one as it is a sad day for us here but I will be back next week that is for sure.

have a great week, keep warm!


Linda said...

Hi Kelli, very sweet gifts. I love the darling tea pots and your birdie is precious.
The heart dishcloths knitted by your friend are the neatest. I love hand made gifts and these are very special. Hugs, Linda

Anonymous said...

such lovely gifts!!! :) thanks for sharing n have a happy weekend.

mrsjojo said...

What lovely birthday gifts. The teapot that is your favorite is also mine. My mom knits and crochets dish cloths also. I really enjoy them. You have them presented very nicely.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful gifts! I especially love the teapots and the birdy with the acorn.

Have a wonderful day.

Sarah x

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Omigosh! I love the teapots! So sweet. Thanks for sharing!


Hootin Anni said...

You and I BOTH shared birthday gifts for our Show N Tells this weekend. And Kelli, YOUR favorite tea pot is mine the pinks in it!!

A belated happy birthday [when was YOUR?] to you.

Karen H. said...

Good Morning Kelli,
"HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY" to you. You did receive some beautiful gifts. I love Mr. Jay and he looks quite nice sitting there with the handmade dishtowels your friend made you. Yellow is a beautiful color and so Springish. The Teapots are gorgeous. I do love them with the pink flowers on them. "THANK YOU" for sharing your Birthday goodies with us. I have mine up for today. I hope you will stop by when you have time. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Anonymous said...

You received some lovely things for your birthday. The mini teapots are adorable. Your mother has great taste!

Susan said...

I love the idea of the dishrags tied with the ribbon and displayed. Lovely teapots.

nannykim said...

Ok, girl, you can keep the acorn, but give me the Jay!! Wow--he is so beautiful---Love HIM---WHERE did she find him?????? Still hunting for bird things , I AM!!

Lisa said...

hi kelli...o.k....the blue jay & the dress book mark are the things that really caught my eye...gorgeous! what beautiful gifts these are...
Happy birthday and Happy Valentine's by the way...


Constance said...

I love the teapots and the way they're displayed. I love dainty little things like that!

Tracy said...

What beautiful handmade gifts! Aren't they the best? I love the blue/yellow combination, too.

And your new little teapots are gorgeous!

Susan P. said...

What wonderful gifts you received, Kelli. You know how much I love birds so you can probably guess which one is my favorite!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful gifts you received.
The tea pots are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Mr. Jay. He is so distinguished. What a lovely guest in your kitchen.

Mrs.T said...

Everything is so pretty, Kelli! I especially like Mr. Jay. He is really nifty. Of the mini teapots, my favorite is the pink one you showed last. Do you know where your mom found these? (I have a teapot/teacup collector in my family too!)

Thanks for sharing... and hosting!


The teapots are gorgeous.
I hope you had a great birthday!
Thanks for hosting your Show
and Tell, I like looking at everyones stuff, like going to
an antique show without leaving
the house! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Kelli, these are the sweetest gifts! I really am partial to the darling little bird and the teapots are to die for! Very nice!

Grace & Peace

GranthamLynn said...

Hi Kelli,
Oh you got such sweet gifts. I love the doll dressbookmark. Your little bird is so sweet too. I have to run for now but I'll read the entire post later. I am late today because my mother spent the night last night and I had to run her to the airport this morning at 7:00(yuck)now I am 2 hours behind on morning chores. Off to feed. I did get my show and tell up but I have to get your button on there though. Have a great day. Sherry

Barbara said...

...ohh...funny gifts....have a nice weekend.. Barbara

Anonymous said...

How lovely! I want to learn how to knit.

The teapots are beautiful!

Charity said...

Beautiful! I love Mr. Jay! I'm finally joining in to "Show and Tell" :)

Julie said... you love yellow and acorns?? Nice to know!


Julie said... you love yellow and acorns?? Nice to know!


Mommy said...

Very sweet birthday gifts. It looks like the giver gave lots of thought to you. :)

I like the blue Jay. We saw a beautiful one in our backyard the other day. I know they can be mean to other poor bridies, but one can't help appreciating their beauty.

I love the little tea pots too. :)

Lori Stilger said...

Good Friday Morning, Kelli! :) What great gifts you received - how very special. And the bundle of towels really adds a nice touch to your window area.
Have a wonderful day! And thanks for hosting Show & Tell - it's so much fun! :)

Kathi said...

You have lovely gifts. I've never seen a bookmark like it. It's so cute. I like the way you've displayed the pot holders and dishcloths, and love the sweet teapots.

I didn't do show and tell again, but I enjoy viewing what everyone else has to show. Blessings, Kathi

maryt/theteach said...

Kelli, thanks for sharing all those beautiful things! The handmade pot holder and the dish cloths are lovely! And I love Mr. Jay! :) Mine is up!

Anonymous said...


My first show and tell. I started small with one picture. I'm all thumbs with a camera and my son only had time for just one picture! :)

Thank you for hosting this. It is a lot of fun to see everyone's treasures!

Farrah said...

Hi! I'm new to this meme! Thank you for hosting this. :-) Your site is so fun!

Happy Birthday and Happy Valentine's Day!

Julieann said...

Kelli---all your gifts are just beautiful (just like you)--I love how you display your towels on the window sill--just lovely:)

I am not playing today,I have a ton of housework to catch up on, and I was worried I wouldn't get to visit everyone's show and tell if I put one up, kwim?

It is funny, I bought a lot of those valentine's things you posted..LOL--I gave my children those chocolate suckers too:o)

Have a wonderful weekend!


P.S. Walmart was out of my hazelnut creamer, so I had to get Vanilla---

Brenda said...

Hi, this is my first time participating. Very nice gifts, Kelli. Have a great day.

Autumn said...

Everything is so colorful and bright. How pretty!

Lora @ my blessed life said...

What adorable teapots! Thanks for the opportunity to link to your show & tell. Today was my first time to do that, although I've been reading for a while.

Betty said...

You received some beautiful things for your birthday, Kelli. I didn't know you had a birthday recently. Happy Belated Birthday.

My Show and Tell is now up and ready for viewing.

Ganeida said...

This is my first time joining show & tell Friday so I hope I do it right. Lovely birthday pressies. You are blessed.

TJ said...

Beautiful gifts! What wonderful surprises to receive on your birthday. Thanks for sharing them with us. :) TJ

Carrie said...

Your Birthday gifts are very nice -- especially the exquisite miniature teapots. Where did your mother find them?

Gena said...

Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. I love that little bird - so sweet!

Charlotte said...

This is such a nice thing you do. Everyone enjoys the Show & Tell so much. The little doll dress bookmarker is really unique. It amazes me how many clever ideas people come up with. I like blue and yellow too. It's a very nice combination.

Baba said...

Hi kelli, your collection of tea cups is great...My post is ready....

Unknown said...

So sweet, those bookmarks. Girl, I just love the color on your kitchen walls. So cheery!
I'm hoping to get back on the show and tell track soon. I really enjoy participating when I get to.

Anonymous said...

Kelli, those mini teapots are lovely.
Can you use them for tea?

ohiofarmgirl said...

What a wonderful birthday you must have had....I hope it was wonderful.
Don't you love handmade items, they are alwasy so special! Dianntha

Annie Jeffries said...

You have sucsh a pretty kitchen. I especially like Mr. Blue Jay. Birds RULE!!

rohanknitter said...

How cute the dishcloths look all stacked together - and I love your little blue jay.
We have a one legged blue jay that comes to our bird feeder - he's a riot and we love to watch him!

the said...

Those tea pots are so cute, you are very lucky to recieve great gifts :)

The Apron Queen said...

Hello. Stumbled upon your Show & Tell from the Mid Life Bliss blog. I just so happen to have posted a vintage Elsie the cow hanky and several of my husband's grandafather's cow collectibles that we inherited on my blog today. I shared a story along with it too. I hope it is the sort of thing you are looking for. Look forward to future show & tell. Lisa

Naturegirl said...

Kelli I am catching up on so many postings here! I've just NOT been visiting very much as I am mobile now and spend very little time indoors..making up for lost time!

I feel badly that I missed your Birthday and other special events you posted her!
Happy belated to you Kelli I adore you and your family!

Kelly in looking back I held my breath in seeing your wonderful (((MOSS WREATH!))) did you make that! It is just so gorgeous and I have been looking for a different wreath to hang on my front door now that Christmas has passed! This is pefect! Thank you for all that you share! I love the kitted wash cloths! hugging you NG xo

Heather Anne said...

You received some lovely gifts Kelli - and I just love hand knitted dish clothes too! We use them for faces in the kitchen since both children are sensitive to dish soap and it is easy to keep the 'knitted' separate from the 'boughten' - and out of the dish pan! You tea pots are terrific! You are indeed loved and blessed! I'm so glad your heart sung on your birthday! Blessings!

Rose of Sharon said...

Good morning, I left a little something for you on my blog!

Hugs, Sharon

La Tea Dah said...

Happy Birthday, Kelli! What lovely gifts you received! I especially love the little crocheted dress and of course the mini-teapots! Totally awesome!


Needled Mom said...

I love the little doll dress bookmark! The handmade goodies and teapots were such lovely gifts too. The window looks so pretty with everything in place.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to know that someone doesn't think me weird for my taste!

As for knitting...I need to just camp out at your places for a few days and have a knitting camp or something. Just knit allll day. I'll learn it well then! Right? ;-)

yes, I can see how happy Phillip would be with that!

I hope he's feeling better!

Connie Marie said...

All such pretty cloths, I sometimes will buy some when we go to craft shows. Your tiny teapots are cute too. If you just celebrated your birthday --- Happy Birthday to you.
I skipped Show and Tell this week but plan to join in the fun next friday, I still am visiting around though.

Ganeida said...

You have some very pretty things. While visiting I had a look round 'your place' & like, wow! A room just for schooling? Green with. We use Sonlight & some Charlotte Mason too.

Bella Rae said...

Your birthday gifts are lovely! I am in awe of your home, I've looked at all of the pictures, and it is stunning. You have such a talent for making your house a "home". Absolutely beautiful.

Michelle said...

What lovely gifts..thanks for sharing. I especially love those mini teapots :)


Mrs. U said...

Your friend Kelly is not only very kind, but very talented, too! She made you some lovely gifts!! How sweet!!

And I LOVE Mr. Jay and the adorable acorn!!! Too cute!

Mrs. U

Lulu said...

what lovely treasures you received for your special day..

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I think I forgot to leave a comment, I've had company and was offline.

I really like all the beautiful gifts you received! The mini tea pots are my favorites!