Saturday, February 09, 2008

Valentine Goodie Treat Bags

I hope you all aren't tired of Valentine's Day projects. :0) I made Valentine themed goodie bags for the girls that came to Grace's birthday last week.
Instead of name tags, I used red paper heart doilies and turned them into bookmarks as well!

Cut out a heart slightly smaller than the doily, out of card stock.

Glue to the back of doily. Punch a hole at the top and tie on some ribbon.

Write a name in the middle of the heart and add stickers.

I found this shredded paper in a local store's gift wrap section. Place a small handful in a small cellophane bag.

Now for the goodies: a small notepad, pencil, stickers and chocolates.

Place everything in the bag and secure with twist tie. Add a curling ribbon bow.

Find some special to give one too. :0)


Barbara said...

what a beautiful idea ...I made hearts too...perhaps i can put my little hearts also in little bags like yours....
Greetings from Germany Barbara

Anonymous said...

That is such a great idea. It looks beautiful and so much fun !!!

kari and kijsa said...

SO cute!!

kari & kijsa

Anonymous said...

I have been racking my brain to think of something for the grand children....this is it.

Anonymous said...

Dang, woman! I'm jealous! Where do you get the time for stuff like this?

nancy said...

I've loved all your valentine crafts. I've never prepared my house for Valentine's Day before, but you have inspired me!

sparrow's song said...

These bags are brilliant! Hm, I wonder if my daughter would like to hand a few out to her friends?

Susan said...

Cute as always!!

TJ said...

I love all of your Valentine projects! I am blessed to have a secret prayer partner that understands a 4 year olds desire for holiday decorations. All that I have are from her. I hope to get some photos and put them up on my blog this week. Without her gifts, my name would be mud with Kaia.

I bet the girls were thrilled to have the treat bag, and you probably got the "Cool Mom" award.
:) TJ

Anonymous said...

I LOVE it!!! Thanks for such great ideas~!
I gave you and award.. see my blog for details!!!

Needled Mom said...

What beautiful Valentine ideas! Thanks for sharing with us.

Jen said...

Very cute....I bought Madison's class all 21 of them a Hershey's candy bar...but them in cellophane bags with your red shredded paper and tied them with sliver bows....they turned out really cute. Yours too are very cute.

Blessings from Chestnut Hollow said...

Great idea! Inspiring as usual :)

Gena said...

Those look so pretty in your basket. And, I never get tired of your wonderful ideas.

Kimmie said...


Those are very sweet and I am sure will be enjoy by the lucky ones that receive them.

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

jennwa said...

That is a great goodi bag, I love the note pads.

Betty said...

You are so creative, Kelli. I think the things you made are so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Love these. May have to use the idea for my clients.

Mommy said...

What a sweet idea.:) My Sweetie is having a Heart Birthday Party in June. I am stocking up on Heart supplies now. ;-)

Lesli said...

Great goodie bags - thanks for sharing the idea!

Bella Rae said...

Love the goodie bags!! What a cute idea :)

Anonymous said...

Me and my sister made your goody bag's for our ballet, and tap friends. Everyone loved them! They are so cute! We put nail polish and hershey kisses in them. They couldn't what to open and see what was inside them. But we made 21 of them in three hours! We like to compete with goody bag's and ours looked the best! THANK YOU SO MUCH

Kelli said...

I'm so glad the goodie bags were a hit with your friends! What a good idea to put nail polish in each bag!

Priscilla said...

How Lovely I hope everyone enjoyed their little treats, what a nice idea!

Priscilla x

Anonymous said...

Love your idea! They look adorable!