Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday "This and That"

Hello! Thank you to all who commented on the butterscotch bars. It was hard, but I made them right before going to a church picnic and set them out for everyone else to eat!

Isn't this a pretty scene of some springtime fruit?

I found this acrylic tray at Tuesday Morning and thought it would be perfect for when we ate on our back patio.

There are little pictures on the pie.

A bird and a jar of jam.

I also found some matching plates and bowls. The red gingham reminds me of summer, so we'll get plenty of use out of them this year.

Butter Churn
Speaking of new things, the girls talked me into getting this small butter churn the last time we were at the resale store. They've always wanted to make butter like Laura and Mary Ingalls.

Butter Churn
Does anyone have any tips?

And finally, the last Mourning Dove update for awhile, I promise! I happened to have my camera close by while drinking a cup of tea this morning.

The birds are quite tame and come drink from the water garden a couple times a day.

Baby doves
The baby Mourning Doves have been sent out to Emily's garden box until they get bigger.

No empty nest syndrome for this family...they are already preparing the nest for new additions!

Thank you for reading a little "this and that" from my house! How is your week going?


Tracy said...

I LOVE your new tray and plates! I wish we lived closer to a Tuesday Morning. The nearest one is over an hour away.

For the butter, use heavy whipping cream that is very cold, and a little salt. LOTS AND LOTS of churning! I've never used a churn, but a small jar works well. Keep shaking and shaking.

Mike Golch said...

the tray and plate looks great.

Kathy said...

LOVE the tray and plates! So pretty...Kathy@ Mimi's Garden

Tori Leslie said...

Look the new things. So pretty, I always wanted to go into a Tuesday Morning store but I never made it, but I've heard great things. Your new tray and plates are very pretty!

Mrs. Hurzeler said...

About making the butter. If you want to do it a little easier, put heavy cream in a mason jar and take turns shaking it. You will hear and see it change, it will look like whipped cream and you might think is it going to turn into butter, and where is the buttermilk, but eventually the whipped cream breaks and the liquid comes from it. Once you see the clump of butter, remove it, and if you want, drink the buttermilk, and what I do is I put the butter in a bowl, and rinse cold water over it, while patting it a bit with a spoon. Until the water runs clear, and if you want, add a little salt. If you are going to use the butter churn then you will hear the sound change, and just keep checking until you see the thick whip break. Hope this helps. Oh, have the whipping cream at room temp.

TJ said...

Hi Kelli! THanks for you lovely comments while I was gone!

If you don't have it, I would go to Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery for info on butter making. It's usually at the library.

She was such a wonderful knowledgable lady on such things. Unfortunately she went to Jesus too soon, I miss writing her, but can't wait to see her again in heaven.

Have a wonderful weekend! I'm getting ready to have my baby's second birthday party!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tray and plates.
We have Mourning Doves that nest in our pine tree. We love watching them.

Anonymous said...

I love your new header and the tray is beautiful! I was just there yesterday and seen nothing like that=(. I can see you are get summer fever lol.

Melissa E. said...

I wish we could invite a bird family to come and live with us!

Your tray is very sweet. It will be well used for your porch; I am sure!

GranthamLynn said...

Oh what a neat post. Amazing see the doves what an amazing lesson God is providing for your kids to see. I love the red gingham plates and the new tray how cute. I love plates too! And using themed plates for occasions.
Churning butter. Wow good luck with that! Post some photos.
Have a great day.
I am inspired to make cards yesterday's post was great.

Simply Heart And Home said...


I've not heard of that store before but I googled it and there are a few near me! I love your new plates and tray. They are very sweet. I'm looking forward to visiting Tuesday Morning.

Jen Glover said...

What wonderful finds! Love the tray! Baby birds are the best! We have some in our yard :) Hope you are having a great week, come on over to my place for some blog candy! Take care!

A Hint of Home said...

I love the tray and dishes. You didn't mention where you purchased them?? I hope your girls get tips on how to use that churn.

A Hint of Home said...

It's me again. Sorry, I know you mentions where the tray was from but did the dishes come from there, also?

nancy said...

What a lovely tray. And the bowls and plates. They are very special.

Martha said...

I LOVE the plates. You will have to post when you do the butter - sounds like a good homeschool project!


Anonymous said...

Kelli, I just love your new tray and plates! They are adorable! My soul girl, you do find the neatest things! I wish I could come on some of your shopping trips! We don't seem to have as many neat little stores here in Canada like you American girls do!

Hope you are having a blessed day!

~ Kim

Anonymous said...

Your new finds are just beautiful!! I have always heard that Tuesday Morning has such pretty things - I need to go over and look at the one near here.

Your garden is so beautiful! We are thinking about putting in a little pond in our backyard. I think it would be nice for the kids. Have a beautiful day! I love your blog!!

LadySnow said...

I don't know about a butter churn. But I know a lot of people make it in their mixer, blender, can just put the cream in a mason jar and shake it. :D

Laurie said...

Oh I love the treasures you have found ~ you have a great eye Kelli for picking out and finding the neatest things!!
Glad your week is going well, I just love Mourning Doves!

Anonymous said...

Look at that pretty new header!

I love the new dishes, and no worries for breakage outdoors. That will brighten up your patio meals.

I wanted to say that I agree with Tracy on the butter. I made butter every year with my 3rd graders. We used baby food jars, heavy cream, and a dash of salt. They just shook and shook and shook until they had a literal ball of butter in the jar, surrounded by a tad bit of butter milk. You can tell it is done because it is ball rolling around in there.

They could drink the buttermilk if they wanted. We put the butter on homemade bread of course. And I always made whipped cream by shaking a larger jar for a shorter period of time. That is what we dipped our strawberries in.

It was a highlight of our Colonial unit and I always did it on the day we dressed up in Colonial attire and did school as the Colonial children would have done it.

Lots of fun. Let us know how yours turns out in the churn. As I recall, Mary and Laura were not to fond of the chore.

LBP said...

All this talk about homemade bread and butter is making me hungry! My Great aunt used to make butter in a thing called a Daisy Churn. It was like a big glass jar with a paddle inside and you cranked a handle on the top to make the butter.

The dishes are really pretty. Our Tuesday Morning closed in our area.


Jen said...

I just love Tuesday Mornings....they have the best stuff. We go there often.

Anonymous said...

Years ago we used to buy raw milk, and I'd skim the cream off and make a little butter. I found that blending the cream in the blender until it thickens, then pouring it into the churn makes things go faster. It takes a REALLY long time to churn it into butter otherwise.

Let us know how it goes.


Charlotte said...

Interesting things. I especially like the water garden and birds. I love to shop at Tuesday Morning. Haven't been in awhile. I remember my grandmother churning butter out on the farm when I was a little kid. How neat that you have a churn now.

Bella @ Lil Daisies said...

Sweet sweet stuff! I LOVE your butter churn! I am currently reading the Little House on the Prairie books with my girls.
Sorry, I don't have any ideas for how to use it, but I am anxious to hear about your endeavors with it. Take pictures and share with us when you do!


A lovely post as always!
I have an award for you waiting
at Jewelgirl Loves Jewelry, stop
by and pick it up, you deserve it!
(HUGS) Jewelgirl

Rue said...

Okay first, that tray and those plates are adorable! LOVE them :)

Second I have no idea how to make butter. Ice cream in one of those old fashioned churners, yes. Butter, not so much ;)

Third, I love all the updates on the doves. They are too cute for words :)

Have a great night,

Farrah said...

Enjoyed this sweet post so very much, Kelli! Your blog is always such a cheerful and refreshing place to visit. I truly appreciate your presence in the blogging world and your efforts to make everyone feel welcome.

Thank you for coming and visiting my humble abode! See ya here, tomorrow, for Show and Tell! :-)

Heart 4 My Home said...

What beautiful plates. Great find!

Loving the new blog header. It's so typical of your site...fresh and beautiful.

Thanks for making your blog a special place for us to visit.

Kimberly said...

I love your tray and dishes, very cute!
I churn butter in my glass churn with a crank paddle. I set the heavy whipping cream out over night. Then pour it into the churn and crank away. You've really got to get all of the buttermilk out, or the butter will go rancid for some reason. I usually add a wee bit of salt after I've churned and worked the butter through. I know there are paddles for working out all the milk, but I don't have any so I just squeeze it through my hands, washed of course. I've not used a churn like yours though, but I imagine the concept is the same. Maybe reread Farmer Boy?

Marci said...

You find the cutest things. I love the little butter churn. I am sure in all your comments some have already told you what to do, but you are welcome to ask me questions if you need to. =)

Rose of Sharon said...

I love your new dishes! I would love to get my hands on them, red and white checkard, perfect!!!! I also love that tray. Your birds are so wonderful, what a blessing to be able to watch them every day!

Thank you for sharing!

Hugs, Sharon

on the ROCKS said...

I have that very same set of dishes and love the tray. The doves look very cozy and at home living at your house.

Susie said...

Hi Kelli,
Tuesday morning is always such fun as you never know what you'll find there.
Love the apple and checked theme. Just perfect for these warmer days!
Your garden is looking so pretty and you always have such interesting projects to share.

Kimberly said...

Little House in the Big Woods details the churning in Chapter 2 "Winter Days". I'd be sure to scald your dash in lots of boiling water since you don't know how it's been used before.
(I'm reading LHITBW to the boys after breakfast. I'd don't have the books memorized...)

Anonymous said...

I wonder how the butter-making will go, write about it, please! :) I'm very curious!
And, your garden is always such a fun place, thanks for sharing the pictures!