Saturday, July 08, 2006


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Share your time, talent, and possessions with others. Understand what you have to offer.

Generosity in Action:
~Show kindness and compassion
~Express empathy for others
~Understand your ability to make an impact.
~Be willing to accept other people.
~Smile and look people in the eye that are physically or mentally disabled.
~"Rally" around a stressed family member.
~Choose secret pals within the family. Be generous in sharing your time with them.

If you have young children, here are some generosity coloring pages.

Two girls sharing a teddy bear

Sharing at the beach

The photo is one of my favorites and can be found at


clarice said...

Thank you for sharing this. We will try to be generous today. Clarice

Tori Leslie said...

I need to work on being more generous with my time. That's good Kelli, Keep 'em coming.

Mindy said...

What a lovely post...generousity goes along way doesn't it!! Blessings to you...

Anonymous said...

This is definately not one of my virtures. I'll have to work on it.