Friday, July 21, 2006

Online Home Tours

I tend to do some pretty weird things, but Phillip says what I'm about tell you, is one of the wierder ones. ;0)
On the rare occasion when the house is clean, the children are tucked into their beds and Phillip is busy watching one of his "guy" movies (AKA boring!) I like to go to Ebay and look at house listings.

Now, I am not interested in moving or leaving my wonderful home, I just like to go on what I call "Online Home Tours" and Ebay is the place to do it. I go to the "Real Estate" section and type in a variety of search words. My favorites are: Victorian, Farm, Farmhouse, Historic, and Historical. You can get some wonderful decorating ideas but be sure not to look at the prices, that ruins the fun!

I want to share a few that I found tonight.

This first one has a wonderful story that goes along with the ad! I can just imagine myself dancing away up on the 3rd floor of this 1891 Home

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Be sure to check out the gorgeous porch, the path to the backyard and the woodstove in the office while touring this 1894 Victorian Home

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This next one is a 1880 farmhouse and I can't decide if I want a glass of sweet tea on one of the porches (there are 3!) or in the darling sitting room first! It has the original 1900 wallpaper in the parlour. I guess you could say no eating in that room!!

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Last but not least, a 1800's farmhouse on 58 acres. There are no pictures of the inside but who cares what it looks like with a view like that!
Be sure to check out the creek with all the moss covered rocks. Sigh. So pretty!

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I hope you enjoyed my online home Tour as much as I did!! Let me know if you find anymore good ones to share!


Tori Leslie said...

I guess I'm wierd too. I love looking at houses. I always tell my husband that I would love to be invisible so I could go into peoples houses and see how they do things and how their homes are decorated. I love it too and I never though of looking on e-bay, I didn't even know they sold realestate. Cool, another thing to zap my time. Thanks! :0)

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a wonderful idea! I used to love tourning model homes and "open houses" for the same reason. My daughter frequently brings up listings of homes for sale in our area where they have the virtual tour on line. Such fun!!!

Sandra said...

Kelli, I don't think your weird since I enjoy looking at other people's houses too! I could move into any one of those you listed and be quite happy, well, except for the selling price on a few of them. :o)

Thanks for sharing your weirdness!


Tammy said...

I love touring homes! Those houses are beautiful!! I knew e-bay sold real estate, but I never thought of looking just for the sake of looking! =) TN said...

I love looking at homes also. We used to look in the paper on Sunday to find an "Open House" and go look just for the fun of it. I never thought about looking on e-bay.

Marci said...

Wow I did not know that there was real estate on ebay. I don't think your weird at all.

theups said...

Oh, my, my, my!!! I had NO idea you could look for that on ebay!!! I'm gonna hop over there right now and dream away!!!!

Mrs. U

Kelli said...

I'm so excited that you all enjoy looking at houses too!
There are 2 houses on our street for sale and I hope they have openhouses soon. :0)