Monday, July 17, 2006

Monday, July 17, 2006

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~I am hearing...Richard Marx's "Greatest Hits."

~A Thought Crossing my mind...I like the ceiling fans on high, rather than just medium.

~A Few Plans Today...Write letters, drink tea, tidy up, start reading "Wind in the Willows", make dinner, eat chocolate.

~On My Desk...half a glass of Coke. I'm quitting tomorrow. ;0)

~What’s For Supper...Creamy vegetable soup from the Anne of Green Gables cookbook.

~The Children are...building forts in the livingroom. I think my antique quilts are involved. :0)

~I Awoke to...A hug from Benjamin.

~Tomorrow In Brief...I want to get outside early and plant some sunflowers and morning glories.

~In The Piesafe...Homemade cookies.

Originally uploaded by pwinn.

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Tori Leslie said...

I like it!!! :0)