Tuesday, July 11, 2006

~Wednesday: My Favorite Purple Things~

Get out your needle and thread. Today is sewing day!

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When I was little, I thought I had the best rock collection! I had a shoebox and the larger rocks were glued down in the bottom section with the names written beside each one. Then, the smaller rocks were glued up inside the lid so you could just flip it off and ta-da, more rocks to look at! (This was the best part. LOL) The box is long gone along with all the rocks, except for this one piece of amethyst. It is quite heavy so I'm not sure how my shoebox held up all those years! My birthstone is Amethyst and when I went into labor with Grace on January 31, the first thing I thought of was, I hope she waits until the 1st so we can share a birthstone! She did. :0)

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A few months ago I was talking about my bad luck with houseplants. I haven't had any die yet, although one is thinking about it. Not the violet though!! A brand new baby flower appeared this week with two more on the way!!

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Here is a purple letter box, designed by one of my favorite artists, Marjolein Bastien. My Mom gave it to me for my birthday several years ago.

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It came with matching paper, notecards, post-its and stickers. I have used up most of it, so I've added other misc. letter writing things inside. Not only do I love pretty paper plates, napkins, etc., I also collect writing paper and post-its! :0)

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Inside it says: Keeping in touch with friends and family makes us rich in the things that really count.


Tori Leslie said...

I see the page is still evolving.

The little kitchen towels for every day are adorable. I also love the purple amethyst, lovely.

Anonymous said...

I love purple. It's such an elegant, almost regal, color! Thanks for sharing the picture of your lovely new little violet flower. Keep caring for that plant and it will soon be loaded with blossoms!!! African Violets are one of my favorite things.

Patty said...

its been great fun seeing your favorite things in the color of the day. So many treasures

Tammy said...

I like your towels! Very pretty!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the box with the writing bits and pieces in it. You're just like my sister - she loves paper and pens and you've given me an idea for the perfect birthday present for her - thank you :-) Lilac is such a pretty colour - I really love it. When I was young, my bedroom was painted a lilacy heathery colour and it was just lovely.