Sunday, July 23, 2006


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Be careful what you say or do. Respect your own privacy and the privacy of others. Use good manners so you don't offend other people.

~Have a sense of propriety.
~Self-possession: know who you are.
~Have self-control.
~Be considerate of other people's feelings.

Modesty in Action:

~Talk about the difference between prying and expressing concern
~Establish a family standard for dress, language and personal space.
~Keep family matters private
~Recognize gossip as an invasion of privacy.


Patricia Pomeroy Tanner said...

Hi Kelli,

I like your blog. You have a wonderful jest for life. If you interested you might check out my blog:



Kim said...

Great post, Kelli! I like the guidelines you listed. Very helpful. :)

Naturegirl said...

I like this post.Thank you for all your kind comments on my postings Kelli.

Kelli said...

Hi Patricia, Thank you for visiting! I will check out your blog this afternoon. :0)

Thank you Coffee and a muffin!

You are very welcome naturegirl. I just love your blog!

Patty said...

Delightful post. Modesty of our thoughts seems to keep everything else in check