Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thanksgiving Decorations~Part 2

Here are the last of our projects from our recent trip to the craft store.

I saw the idea for this Thanksgiving centerpiece in the October issue of Romantic Homes. I have a weakness for anything mossy. :0)

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The only things I purchased was the moss and mini pumpkins. The tin bucket was from our prairie day adventure. The pinecones, pine needles, sticks and acorns were collected during a walk in our neighbohood this past Monday!

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I can't remember where I saw the idea for this pumpkin runner but it was probably Martha. ;0) Space your mini pumpkins out evenly, wrap wire ribbon in and around them and lay a beaded garland on top. Nice and easy!

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I have seen so many lovely Thanksgiving banners lately, so I decided to make one too! I used ribbon to hang it from the mantle.

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A nice reminder to.....

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Thanks for looking!


picketfencemom said...

Great idea for the mantle! Your home is lovely! Thanks for sharing!

Mrs Pea said...

Just beautiful!

Susan P. said...

Kelli, I have to tell you that your mantle is just gorgeous. I wish mine looked like that! I love the wonderful banner you made and the runner and fall container are just beautiful. I think it makes it even more special that you and the girls found a lot of the contents on your walk:) You are soooo talented!

dot said...

Crafty Kelli! How pretty everything looks!

clarice said...

Kelli, girl your home is looking fabulous !!! I love the banner and garland. how fun. Isn't nice to just sit in your and enjoy it all !! Clarice

Copper's Wife said...

I love the banner!! All of your crafts turned out fabulously!

Marci said...

Kelli, very nice!!! What is the banner made up of?

MariaJ said...

I also love all your decorations. Like the tin can put it outside too.

Kim said...

I love your crafts! Our Thanksgiving was last month but I'll keep these ideas for next year!

Amy said...

Everything is so pretty. Thanksgiving is barely a blip on the radar in Canada, but it seems to be a big holiday in the USA. I'm enjoying the pictures of blogger's decorations and preparations.

Sharon Kay said...

You have lovely ideas for the season and I enjoy your blog and look forward to your next post. I enjoyed your prarie days to.

Tammy said...

Everything you've done is beautiful! I love your mantle.

Kelli said...

Marci, the banner is made of scrapbook paper (the fall leaf paper) and beige cardstock (the smaller ovals). I printed the letters right onto the cardstock, then cut slits on the sides and theaded the ribbon right through them.

Wildflower Cabin said...

It all looks so warm and lovely! I especially like the bucket of nature!!

Jodi said...

Kelli, how lovely. I really like your banner, but I'm especially fond of your pumpkin runner. The beads just sparkle! :o)

Mrs. Staggs said...

Hi Kelli,
I'm enjoying watching you prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday very much. Everything you are doing is lovely. It all ties together so well and looks welcoming.
I hope you will enjoy planting the pansies you told me about. We are having incredibly rainy weather here. Cold and windy too!

Mrs Cathie said...

Thanks for the ideas Kelli ~ as always enjoy your blog :)

Naturegirl said...

Great ideas and looks wonderful! LOVE the bucket idea..good job!!

Maggs said...

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