Monday, May 29, 2006

Caring for your feathered friends in the summer

What happens when you get a Mockingbird, Bluejay and Squirrel all at your feeder at once? Drama, drama drama!

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I have always enjoyed putting out seed for the birds in the fall and winter but usually close down the restaurant once spring arrives. I was cleaning last week and noticed a little birdseed in the bottom of the bag so instead of throwing it out I filled up the feeder once more. I also found a bag of unsalted whole peanuts. I wasn't expecting any visiters but within 20 minutes we had Sparrows, Mourning Doves, a male and female Cardinal, a Bluejay, and a Squirrel!! You can guess what I picked up at the store this weekend...more birdseed!

Here is what I use for the ground feeder. Mourning Doves will not fly up in a tree to eat. Also for my birdbath I took a plant stand and put a plastic terra cotta dish on it. The stone turtle is a place for the birds to rest while they drink. Even the Squirrels get thirsty!

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I don't think our Mockingbird was very happy about my visitors. Mockingbirds are very territorial and they are omnivorous so they turn up their noses at birdseed. All the other birds invading his space make him grouchy. I usually give him raisins as a peace offering!
When he first took our yard for his own, he would squawk and swoop down at us as soon as we came out the front door. He tolerates us now though and if we are sitting on the back porch he will come sing us a pretty song. Well, he's probably just asking for a raisin re-fill!

Here is a short article on summer feeding from Wild Birds Unlimited : If you have a store in your area they are very fun to visit.

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Sorry for the glare in this photo. I took it through my window this morning. Can you see the Squirrel in the ground feeder dish? He sure is alot more bushy-tailed and bright eyed than I am this morning!

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Anonymous said...

Cute idea for a little birdbath. Mom told me that birds don't eat from feeders in the spring, but I'll put out the seed now and hopefully get some birds and squirrels a little closer to us.