Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

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Today I cleaned the livingroom and entryway, cleaned out the fridge, went through paperwork, and made a menu and shopping list.

I have already shared pictures of what the rooms looks like so here is a photo of an English cottage tealight holder that Phillip brought back from England. He went there for work back in the early 90's, before we were married. The artist put our last name on the little plaque. I would love to take a month long vacation and visit England someday. I'm just worried I wouldn't want to leave!

Post Office
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The next photo is of our Tasha Tudor inspired post office. The kids draw pictures for each other and put them in the mailboxes. Sometimes I leave notes for them too. I got the bird, desk and mailbox in the dollhouse section of Hobby Lobby.

Finally, a photo of some green onions we pulled from our garden this afternoon. I have a creamed onion and sage dish planned for them.

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Anonymous said...

So are we having creamed onion and sage tonight, since we ate out last night? ;-)

Kim @ Home Is Where The Heart Is said...

I just found your blog and it is very nice!

I love the picture of your front door...very welcoming with the rocker.

I also have a little cookstove that was given to me by my's very special to me. It's on my kitchen hutch. There may be a picture of it on my home tour website if you'd like to take a look...

Reviekat said...

What an adorable little cottage! I love that it has y'all's name on the sign. :)

Kelli said...

Hello Kim,

I went to your blog and your home is beautiful! Very cozy and enviting. I saw your cookstove and I especially like your "Dinner Choices" sign!! That's how it is at my house too. :0)

I'm going to learn how to add a favorite links section on my blog this weekend. Can I add your blog?