Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sunday, May 12, 06

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I have had a wonderful Mother's day so far. I was awoken in bed with a delicious breakfast of toast with marmalade and a glass of milk. Grace made it all by herself and served in on a tray! I received lots of pictures, and several pairs of earrings, a homemade necklace from Emily, and Benjamin gave me a bag of peanut m&m's. Phillip made me a omelet for lunch and then helped me with some blogging stuff.

Our former assistant rector is visiting from Australia so I made a fluffy yellow cake to take to church.

This is the perfect opportunity to share the address of a great blog I have been enjoying lately. I got the recipe from here:


Patty said...

how sweet that your children gave you breakfast in bed. I remember those days and miss them. We were all talking about them today. I often had cold toast, eggs fried in one minutes time with a very high heat but loved it all.

Reviekat said...

The cake looks delicious!

I love the presents your children gave you - obviously from the heart - the best kind. :)