Thursday, May 25, 2006

I'm growing a green thumb....

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for house plants that is! A few weeks ago our neighbors painted their house blue. Blue is my second favorite color but I don't care for how it looks against their brick. All I saw was a big block of blue out my kitchen window so I needed some creative decorating ideas. Houseplants seemed to be a good choice except I usually kill every one I bring into my house!
I decided to try my luck again. I went to Home Depot and got several different kinds including a Venus Fly Trap! It hasn't caught any bugs yet, but the kids are waiting patiently. I also got a violet and I'm happy to report that everything seems to be doing well!! The violet even has a couple of new flowers.

Do you have any houseplants you enjoy? Dead or alive. ;0)


Tina Leigh said...

When I bring a new plant home Danny always says "What did that poor plant do to you to deserve death!" I have a black thumb! So as far as favorites go, anything that doesnt die! TN said...

Hi Kelli....tell you children to be patient with the venus fly grandchildren had one and it actually caught so many, it died from over eating. It stayed full all the time.

Kelli said...

Tina, LOL at what your dh says! Houseplants are so picky.

Clara, I will keep an eye on my plant. The flies are usually awful by July around here so it will be busy.
Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Kelli, your window looks so pretty! Hope your plants do well.

Anonymous said...

Your houseplants look so pretty! Some hardy ones that I enjoy are pothos and ivy, which you should be able to get at Home Depot or Wal-Mart for just a few dollars!!
By the way, I really enjoy your blog!

Kelli said...

Hi Dot, I hope they continue to do well too!

Kristie, Ivy would be a great indoor plant. I have some growing outside and it just takes over so I imagaine it would be easier to manage indoors!
I googled pothos and I'm pretty sure the bottom plant on the right is one! You are right about them being hardy, it already has several new leaves since sharing this photo. :0)


Anonymous said...

I have a patch of violets under the umbrella tree out front... I never saw violets before they bloomed this year, I never knew what they were. Sad, because they are so pretty, I bet they look very pretty in the window. :)I won't ask about my little house plant you adopted... lol

Kelli said...

Your little house plant was about to die but I re-potted it and it is doing much better. It is on the middle shelf all the way to the right!