Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Making Lunches Special

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Here are some fun ideas from my "Penny Whistle Lunch Box" cookbook to make your chidren's lunches more personal.

-Write your child a note - not a reminder to clean her room, but a love note or funny message.

-If you planned the menu with your child, throw in an extra treat that will be a pleasant suprise with a note saying, "Surprise! Mom sent me!"

-Choose some funny jokes or riddles, copy them on a card and include them in the lunch.

-Start a cookie cutter collection. Any sandwich when cut into a funny shape will amuse your child - and will induce him to eat his lunch!

-Get a stack of stickers. They will make brown paper bags all the more fun!

-Magic markers are terrific for writing your child's name or for drawing on the outside of the lunch bag (or even for making faces on hard-cooked egg shells or bananas!)

Here is a link for some fun labels and stickers you can print out. Have fun!

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Patty said...

my mother used to cut out my sandwiches with cookie cutters to enrice me to eat. (wish I still needed some enticing) and I still remember how much fun it was to see the different shapes. I did the same for my girls. Love all the ideas you posted