Saturday, May 13, 2006

Mourning Dove Family

mom and dad
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In honor of Mother's Day here is a picture of a sweet mom and and Dad mourning dove. They built a nest in our backyard, on top of an electrical box. We were careful to not make too much noise and I didn't vacuum my patio for over a month! :0)

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The second picture is of the baby. Last year there were two and Grace and Emily named them Fuzzy and Wuzzy and announced they would use the names for all future mourning dove babies. This one in the picture is Fuzzy.

The mom started leaving the nest for short periods of time. She usually sat along the eaves, opposite her baby and just watched him. About a week later, he flew out of the nest!

grown baby
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Everyone is sad they are gone. Grace said to me today, "Mom, can you believe not any of my friends love birds as much as I do?" :)

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