Wednesday, May 03, 2006

May Day

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Monday was May day. We used the day as an excuse to play crouquet and make lemon tarts. :0) We also made Tussie Mussie's (paper cones) and filled them up with flowers. We used English Ivy and Asparagus fern for the greenery and our winter pansies. I'm replacing them with summer annuals this afternoon. We also used some yellow carnations and purple daisies.

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Tussie Mussies
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Flora said...

Kelli, what a creative fun day you had! I've always loved May Day and it seems it's becoming a forgotten celebration. I have fond memories of leaving little wild flower bouquets at the front door for my mom and running away as fast as I could so she wouldn't who left them. I've given her flowers every May 1 since. I really missed giving her flowers this year. Your account of May Day at your house really warmed my heart.