Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thursday, July 13, 06

Hello Everyone! I got a envelope from Australia today. Inside were some bookmarks from my friend, Alicia.

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They are all so beautiful! She made two for me. One with an sweet angel that says "Friends are kisses blown to us by angels." I made a bookmark for my partner with the same little quote! The other one has the cutest button flowers and rick-rack sewn right onto the paper!! I didn't know you could do that, what a neat technique! She also made one for Grace. A pretty pink and purple one with flowers. Emily's is the one with the little girl, flying a kite. Too cute! Benjamin loves his patchwork one. His favorite part is the little opened mouth face button that says "Oh no!"
They all have beautiful tassles, Emily's is beaded. Thank you so much Alicia. You are very talented! We all love them!

Here is a quick VBS update. I'm exhausted! LOL. The crafts have been so fun but this is one wild bunch of kids this year! Lots of sequins and shells flying everywhere. On Monday my hands were covered with brown spraypaint, Tuesday-fabric paint, Wednesday-sequins, Thursday-feathers. Tomorrow-who knows!! Everyone will bring home all their crafts so I will share pictures. After my nap. :0) I've also had a Coke every afternoon this week, just to stay awake so that will be a fun habit to break!
Talk to you all tomorrow.


Tina Leigh said...

I knew you were going to be busy this week. How did you find time to blog such neat & interesting things & still come up with such great crafts for VBS??!! Kelli I have had to catch up on your blog this week & I am amazed at all the neat things you have!! Oh I wish I could come to your house have tea & SNOOP all around!!

Kelli said...

Hi Tina! Phillip took most of the pictures ahead of time and I would blog them in the evening, save them as "draft" and then just hit publish in the morning!!
You are welcome to come and snoop around anytime!